The Solutions for Dental Anxiety Available at the Dental Spa

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The Solutions for Dental Anxiety Available at the Dental Spa

Many people struggle with dental anxiety: a general term used to describe fear, anxiety, or stress when visiting the dentist. There are various reasons people fear the dentist, and we seek to alleviate them at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry with our spa-like atmosphere, sedation dentistry, and more. 

What is Dental Anxiety?

Studies show that 9-20% of Americans experience dental anxiety. So if you experience fear when thinking of visiting the dentist’s office, you’re not alone. From the fear of pain to a fear of someone being within personal space, there are many causes for this anxiety. 

People with dental phobia may be aware that their fear is irrational, but they are still stricken by panic and will do anything they can to avoid getting vital dental care. 

People experience symptoms of dental anxiety when they visit or even when they just think about visiting the dentist. These symptoms include: 

  • Insomnia the night before a dentist appointment
  • Intense feelings of nervousness
  • Feeling physically ill or depressed
  • Intense uneasiness
  • Difficulty breathing


Some of the most significant issues people with dental phobia face involve a decrease in dental health. Because of this intense anxiety about going to the dentist, many people put off routine dental exams and procedures. In the end, these patients only visit a dentist when they are experiencing extreme pain, or their oral health has significantly deteriorated. 

Never Fear – The Dental Spa is Here

Koch Aesthetic Dentistry provides concierge dental services in a soothing atmosphere. Our staff is caring and understanding when it comes to common dental phobias. Affectionately known as the Dental Spa by our patients, our entire facility is designed with your comfort in mind, and professional care is a vital part of our culture. 

While we do all that we can to help our patients relax when they visit, some patients experience severe anxiety that requires special consideration. 

Digital Consultation

One way we help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with coming to the dentist is by providing digital consultations to help patients get to know us better. During this consultation, we will create a customized oral-health plan. If a visit to our office is necessary, we will also develop a plan for what your visit will entail based on your needs. 

A digital consultation cannot replace routine dental care provided by a dentist for people with dental phobias, but it can help an anxious patient prepare while also allowing our staff to ensure enhanced comfort and relaxation for that patient’s visit. 

Sedation Dentistry

At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, we offer sedation dentistry to help alleviate dental phobias. With sedation or sleep dentistry, the patient takes a pill provided by Dr. Koch about an hour prior to their appointment. This allows the patient to become drowsy, relaxed, and almost in a sleep-like state. The patient remains conscious but will be unaware of the actual dental procedures taking place. Most patients don’t even remember the procedures when the dental sedation wears off. 

If it is decided during a consultation with Dr. Koch that sedation dentistry is right for you, then you will need to plan for someone to come with you to provide transportation to and from your appointment. 

Learn More About the Relaxing Dental Experience at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry Near Mountain Brook, Alabama

You will find a wide range of services available at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry to help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Our approach to dental care is comprehensive and thoughtful. We genuinely care about your comfort and about providing a unique dentistry experience. If you’d like to know more about the boutique dental experience available at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, contact us today at (205) 933-0323.