Laser Dentistry


Birmingham, Alabama Dental Laser

Dr. Paul Koch of Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama is devoted to providing the most advanced treatment in dental procedures and even gives lectures to other dentists around the country.

DIAGNOdent Dental Laser

One of the most exciting advances offered at our practice is laser dentistry technology. To detect cavities, Dr. Koch uses DIAGNOdent, a dental laser that allows for cavity detection earlier and with greater accuracy than traditional x-rays. Because he is able to diagnose decay sooner with laser dentistry, the amount of treatment needed can be minimized in many cases. We offer this new technology for patients around the Mountain Brook areas.

Dental Laser Applications

In addition to detecting cavities, a dental laser can also remove decay without the use of anesthesia. Imagine a method of tooth treatment without drilling! Patients In Mountain Brook Area Can Access Latest In Laser DentistryIt may sound scary, but having cavities treated with dental lasers is virtually pain-free and results in shorter healing time for our Alabama dental patients located around the greater Mountain Brook area.

Dental lasers are not just used for teeth, though. A dental laser can be valuable in other cosmetic dentistry applications such as treating gum disease or re-contouring an uneven gum line to get rid of a “gummy” smile. Since there are no incisions, there won’t be any scars. The dental laser also cauterizes as it cuts, which means no bleeding and a lower risk of infection.

Laser dentistry is just one example of how Dr. Paul Koch offers the latest in dental technology to the Birmingham, Alabama area. Another example is the CT scan and VR software Dr. Koch uses for dental implants. This procedure allows Dr. Koch to take a 3-D scan of a patient’s mouth, assess bone density and determine problem spots and then design a dental implant restoration that can be placed in about an hour. We realize how important your time is, our advanced facility is close to Mountain Brook – a short drive away. Our caring staff will be as prompt as possible.

Experience Laser Dentistry Near Mountain Brook!

Whether you’re interested in laser dentistry for cavities, gum disease or dental implant surgery, come check out our Birmingham advanced dental technology and see how a dental laser can give you the best smile makeover possible. Call us today or fill out the new patient form on this page.