Teeth Whitening in Birmingham, AL

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Professional teeth whitening in Birmingham, Alabama

Your smile is one of the first features that others will notice about you. A beautiful, bright smile can reflect a self-confidence that makes others want to be around you. Unfortunately, teeth yellow with age and can also become stained by some foods, drinks, and tobacco.


One of the fastest and easiest cosmetic dental options for brightening your smile is teeth whitening. Our office near Mountain Brook offers several options from custom at-home kits to KöR Whitening!

Over the counter tooth bleaching products

You may have seen commercials for various tooth bleaching products such as toothpastes, paint-on gels, or tooth-whitening strips. Certainly, over-the-counter products are less expensive and easy to access. However, most of these have a fairly low potency. They must be administered over a long period of time to see any real results at all.


This is because the ratio of the tooth bleaching formula is lower than the ones dental professionals use, so take a short drive to see our caring staff! Our office is close to the Mountain Brook area.


Another potential problem is the manner in which the tooth bleaching strips are applied. The whitening substance may spread onto the gums and cause both irritation and tenderness.


A dental professional can also prescribe custom, at-home tooth bleaching kits. These, however, are more effective than over-the-counter products. Don’t waste any more time going through stores in the Mountain Brook community. Drive straight to Koch Aesthetic Dentistry and get the treatment that best suits you!

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KoR Whitening by your Alabama Dentist

There are numerous advantages to having a professional teeth-whitening appointment. First, Dr. Koch takes an impression of your teeth, and then he makes a reverse model that fits closely over them. The whitening fluid is poured into this mold and the mold is then placed over the teeth, so all sides of the teeth are subjected to the same whitening process.


Because the professional formula of our gel is more potent than the over-the-counter type, your teeth whitening process takes far less time while also being far more effective. In fact, KöR does something that few other whiteners do: it keeps the gels refrigerated. This locks the potency into the gel until the moment we prepare it for use.


KöR Whitening is an excellent whitening system. It has been praised not only for its effectiveness but also for its gentle formula. Many patients who experience uncomfortable sensitivity during whitening have loved KöR.

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Zoom! Whitening near Mountain Brook, Alabama

A popular and effective method of teeth whitening at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama, is called the Zoom! Whitening System. Zoom! Whitening is a process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin, without harming the structure of the teeth. A teeth-whitening gel is painted onto the teeth and then activated with a tooth-bleaching light. The entire Zoom! The procedure takes about an hour and a half and can achieve a significantly whiter, brighter smile.

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