What Patients Are Saying

Read about what our wonderful patients have had to say about Koch Aesthetic Dentistry!

What Patients Are Saying

Read about what our wonderful patients have had to say about Koch Aesthetic Dentistry!

Dr. Koch is a compassionate, caring, extremely talented dental surgeon who “gets it.” He is also very accessible and a fine, decent human being. Dr. Koch and his staff go to great lengths to ensure patient comfort at all times during procedures. ” – Virginia B

“I met Dr. Koch in 2006. I was pretty unhappy with the way I had been treated at another dental clinic, so I was not expecting much from anyone. I was so pleasantly surprised with the concern that his staff showed me, and the level of care that I received far exceeded my expectations. The dental exam was very thorough, and I also was educated about the things that I needed to do to get my gums healthy. I have been using Dr. Koch and his staff ever since, as has my family. I would definitely recommend this clinic. It is now much more pleasant to visit the dentist, and my teeth and gums look better than they ever have in my life!!” Susan S.

“My first impression was great; everyone is very friendly, open and warm. And the information was very informative. It was definitely the best visit I have had with a dentist or doctor.”  Glyn D.

“Dr. Koch is a wonderful dentist, artist and man who is full of integrity. His staff is fantastic! They are all so warm and caring! Dr. Koch feels his purpose is to help people have not only beautiful smiles but also a healthy mouth. I was in a very serious situation with the health of my mouth and he transformed my mouth and gave me gorgeous teeth- I would recommend him to anyone!” CJ H.

“In my teenage years I suffered a severe frontal impact injury to my mouth. My teeth were badly damaged and the injury permanently altered my smile, my speech, and my bite. I went through the rest of my teens and twenties with very low esteem. I never smiled. I hated how my teeth looked. I didn’t care for them daily like I should have because I hated them so much. As I approached my late twenties I finally decided to do something about them. I wanted my smile, and my life, back.


I can’t quite remember the search route I took through the internet before I discovered Dr. Koch’s practice, but I thank God that I did.


At the initial consultation I was embarrassed to show Dr. Koch the extent of the damage to my smile. Damage caused not only from the injury, but also the years of neglect. He immediately put me at ease with his confidence and belief that he and his staff could put together and execute a plan to give me the results I wanted.


Due to the challenging nature of my case, my plan involved numerous steps from beginning to end. Throughout the entire journey, Dr. Koch’s vision, confidence, and determination never wavered. He kept me on track, eased my anxieties, and faithfully delivered on his promise to create the best smile I could have ever hoped for.


The knowledge and skill set possessed by Dr. Koch and his staff are second to none. The facilities are world class. The commitment to patient care greatly exceeded all expectations (and continue to do so).


I have regained my confidence. I cant stop smiling. I’m so thankful for what Dr. Koch and the entire team at Koch Aesthetics has done for me. In my opinion there is no finer place that is more committed to you and your smile.” Chris A.

“Lynn, of course, has been a meaningful part of life over the last several years and Dr. Koch is just a Saint to me! Yvette is just a lovely ray of sunshine. I love you guys!” Liz L.

Dr. Koch and his staff are fabulous! They give you the best dental experience you could ever ask for. They all have a passion for their work! Would recommend them to anyone!” Kerry D.

“Thank you all so much for letting me walk in with my situation! It was so good to see all of you…and you just made me feel right at home! I loved an opportunity to see Yvette and Lynn and Lauren. Thank you, Yvette for taking the time to get the hung-up dental floss from between my teeth.It was a lot of work for you. You are the greatest!Many thanks!” Ellen S.

“I loved my experience and can’t wait to spread the word to all of my friends! I did have a couple of ideas to enhance the spa experience. 1. Temple message with essential oils. 2. Take the parrafin gloves off a little sooner. 3. Warm up blanket. 4. Consider using a water fountain in the waiting room. 5. Consider partnering with a spa product line (ex. Darphin, Aveda, ect.) where you could give a tiny goody bag at the end of the whitening treatment.” Shannon L.

“Gayle is very pleasant on the phone and a good first contace (face) for your office. Lauren was very nice and knowledgable, and she and Dr. Koch really were reassuring during my initial conference. Yvette also introduced herself as I was getting ready to leave. I felt that everyone did their best to make my visit a good one.” Neena T.

“It was a pleasure visiting your dental office. I have never experienced such a friendly staff like yours. It was different, not like I thought a dental visit would be. For those who are fortunate enough, I would HIGHLY recommend Koch Aesthetics. I like the 1-on-1 treatment you give to your clients. I felt like I was among family. You have done some remarkable work on your clients. Maybe somewhere in the near future, I will have a chance to get started on my dental needs. Thank you, thank ALL of you for your time and patience with me.” Danita C.

“Dr. Koch and his entire team are fabulous! He is always on the cutting edge of the latest diagnostic tools and he constantly seeks new ways to serve his patients. The team will go above and beyond to coordinate your appointments so that they are convenient. Everyone is personable and professional and they offer outstanding skills. The environment is very warm and relaxing. Dr. Koch is a wonderful dentist, but he is also a wonderful person. I know I am receiving the best care for my dental health when I see Dr. Koch.” Jan J.

“Dr. Koch is the bomb! I went in not knowing what to expect with his practice being a “dental spa” and I needed a TMJ specialist. His website had said all the right information on TMJ. I was in so much pain that I said I would give it a try. I was so impressed by the whole staff. It is truly an educated spa!! Dr. Koch was very knowledgable about TMJ and we started on our journey. Along with TMJ treatment and some dental work I am now as good as it gets. I still have some problems not related to Dr. Koch but he has guided me and educated me in the information I need to get better. He spends all the time you need to feel comfortable with your treatment and his staff is always nice, friendly and happy to help.


Needless to say, I have made many new friends in his office and will now do my cleanings and any other treatments with him. He and his staff take such pride in their work to make it the best possible environment for his patients. Thanks Dr. Koch – you’re the best!” — Susan B.

“Dr. Koch not only corrected my bite and TMJ problems, he gave me a beautiful smile too!” Anonymous

“I use to hate going to the dentist now i look forward to my visits finally found a dentist that cared about me and my health everyone are always so friendly smiles on there faces and great service as well family friendly great atmosphere they get to know you not there just to get your money that means a great deal to anyone when there’s someone that really cares about you.” DeAnthony C.

“Fantastic experience! The team at Kock Aesthetic Dentistry is top-notch. They are super-friendly and very caring. I initially went in for treatment for neruromuscular dentistry involving TMD/TMJ and I went through their TruDenta program. During the process I was also treated for some gum disease that was starting to get pretty bad. They helped me to get rid of my gum disease as well. I will continue to go to them for dental care for years to come.


The TruDenta program that Dr. Koch utilizes helped my jaw to get in to a more natural state, and involves self-treatments that are easy to follow, and he also made me a night splint to wear overnight to help with clinching and grinding. It has and continues to bring a lot of relief to headaches and has alleviated a lot of the pain and discomfort from jaw popping/clicking. He continues to be involved in my treatment from orthodontics and future jaw surgery.


I cannot recommend them highly enough, as Dr. Koch is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and an expert in his field. Ashley is super fun to get to know during TruDenta visits and everything else that she does. She is also quite pretty, and great fun to talk to. Yvette is the best dental hygienist I have ever had, and is very soothing and caring for those that might be a little apprehensive about dental cleanings.” Christopher W.

“Like most, Ive always dreaded dentist visits. I can honestly say that Dr Koch and his staff have completely changed my patient experience from not only a comfort level but educational level, helping me understand and grasp the importance of dental health. Thank you to the entire staff at Koch Aesthetic for all that you do.” Luan N.

“Your practice is extremely efficient, professional and friendly, from the first greeter/receptionist (Gail), to the dental hygienist (Yvette) to Dr. Koch. It is evident that you keep excellent records of each visit, not only regarding the dental work done, but also the personal information the client shares, which you review before their next visit, that enables you to show how much you truly care about your clients. It is like an appointment with old friends every few months. Thank you.” Victoria S.

“Best dental team around. Fantastic experience!” Tim C.

“I was born with Hypodontia, the developmental absence of one or more teeth. In other words, one of my permanent teeth never came in. Consequently, I had a baby tooth until I was 20 years old. It was a major insecurity for me as it was a glaring imperfection right in the middle of my smile. I had seen several dentists in the Birmingham area that all gave me the same disappointing news– there just wasn’t enough space to fit an implant in the space between the roots of the teeth on either side of what was remaining of the root of my baby tooth. I don’t know all of the dental terminology, but basically everyone told me that not much could be done about my situation without me having to get braces again for another 2 or more years. I had already endured braces for 2 and a half years, so I was intent on finding another answer. I did extensive research online for other dentists in the Birmingham area who could potentially help me, and when I found Koch Aesthetic Dentistry on google and read all the positive reviews, I decided to schedule a consultation. It is now two years later, and I am so glad that I did! Dr. Koch was the first dentist to take on my tooth and explore all of my options with me. Equipped with all of the latest technology and techniques, Dr. Koch and his amazing team were able to give me the implant of my dreams! Finally, I am so happy with my smile! I am so thankful for Dr. Koch & his team, and I have taken the time to write this review in hopes that it will help someone out there looking for help just like I was when I came across Koch Aesthetic Dentistry!”Elizabeth Hamm

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