Dental Crowns


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Dental crowns in Birmingham, Alabama

When teeth wear down, crack or break, a tooth crown, or dental crowns, can be a solution to preserve the teeth. Also known as a dental cap or tooth crown, porcelain crowns are shaped then attached to cover the entire visible surface of the affected tooth while maintaining the viable tooth structure. Using strong porcelain materials, Birmingham dentist Dr. Paul Koch ensures the new tooth crown is carefully matched to the color of the surrounding teeth. Since the crowns are made from porcelain, they give dental crowns the beauty and appearance of natural teeth.


Dental crowns are also an integral part of dental implants. If your tooth is missing completely, the tooth root can be replaced with a dental implant and then topped with a dental crown for function and aesthetics. Dental crowns are also used on teeth that have undergone root canals in order to give strength and protection to the repaired tooth. And the porcelain crowns are always color matched to your surrounding teeth. So if you are in the Mountain Brook area and need a tooth crown, partner with us and we’ll help you get that beautiful smile.

Benefits of porcelain crowns

If a broken or severely damaged tooth has affected your smile, or previous dental work has left you with less than satisfactory results, porcelain dental crowns are the answer for repair and cover. Porcelain crowns provide a dramatic increase in protection and support for the damaged tooth while giving Alabama dental patients a vibrant, natural smile.


Porcelain closely resembles the properties of natural tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is translucent in nature, meaning it allows light to pass through part of it before it is reflected back. This is what gives teeth their characteristic appearance. Porcelain shares this characteristic with natural enamel making a porcelain tooth crown behave and react to light just like enamel so that it looks just like the real surface of your tooth.


Another great advantage is that porcelain is very resistant to staining. Unlike other materials used in the past, porcelain is smooth and less porous, making it far less likely for your porcelain crowns to pick up permanent discoloration or stains.

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