At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa, We Love Our Orthodontic Assistants!

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At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa, each dental professional on our team helps us operate smoothly and provide a high standard of care. Today’s post will focus on the duties of a dental assistant. You probably think of the dental assistant as: “The one who attaches the bib around my neck,” and you are […]

How Do Crooked Teeth Affect Children And Adults?

Birmingham Invisible Braces

Many Birmingham children and adults have chosen orthodontia to straighten crooked teeth. 5 ways crooked teeth can impact a child When children have crooked teeth it can cause: Impaired speech development Difficulty eating a healthy diet Digestive problems Difficulty keeping teeth clean Lower self-esteem 8 ways crooked teeth can affect an adult Adults with crooked […]