Sedation Dentistry in Birmingham, AL

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Sedation Dentistry in Birmingham, AL

Going to the dentist can cause anxiety in many people, whether it’s generalized anxiety about visiting the dentist, sensitive teeth or a bad reaction to standard numbing medications used by dentists to alleviate pain during dental procedures. 


At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham, Alabama, we strive to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment for our patients. Dr. Koch utilizes sedation dentistry to alleviate stress associated with dental visits to ensure that our patients enjoy a relaxed experience.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry, or sleep dentistry, allows the patient to relax into a consciously sedative, near sleep-like state. Most patients state that they felt relaxed throughout their mind and body, as any anxiety or fear they may have been experiencing slipped away. Sedation dentistry allows Dr. Koch and our friendly, knowledgeable staff to more easily perform procedures according to the patient’s smile analysis and makeover treatment plan. 


In addition, sedation dentistry is a wonderful alternative for patients with overdue dental work or in need of several procedures, such as laser dentistry, dental implants, porcelain veneers, or dental crowns.


Dr. Koch recommends sedation dentistry for any patients who may experience stress or anxiety about going to the dentist. As an experienced cosmetic dentist in Birmingham, Alabama, Dr. Koch provides patients with a renewed sense of self-confidence and beautiful smiles.

Sedation Dentistry FAQs

At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, we understand that many people have questions about sedation dentistry, its uses and its effectiveness.

How does sedation dentistry work?

Dr. Koch prescribes an oral sedative for the patient to take approximately one hour before their scheduled appointment. During the procedure, Dr. Koch and staff monitor the patient to ensure their safety and comfort.

Because sedation dentistry requires patients to take an oral sedative, patients are required to have someone they know and trust to bring them to the appointment and drive them home following the procedures.

While patients are under conscious sedation, they are completely relaxed and unaware of the dental procedures taking place. After the procedure, patients are encouraged to spend the day relaxing while the dental sedation wears off.

Who is a good candidate for sedation dentistry?

Dr. Koch recommends sedation dentistry for patients who:


  • have a fear of the dentist
  • experience jaw pain or have TMJ
  • have a strong gag reflex
  • have physical limitations such as back or neck pain


Because sedation dentistry provides complete relaxation to the patient, including muscle relaxant properties, Dr. Koch recommends this sedation for patients who experience personal or uncommon concerns.

What medication is used for sedation dentistry?

There are a number of medications used for sedation dentistry, including nitrous oxide administered through a small breathing mask. At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, we use oral sedatives for our patients. During your smile analysis, Dr. Koch will review the available medications for sedation, as well as their side effects.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

Absolutely! Any patients receiving sedation dentistry at our comfortable dental office in Birmingham, Alabama, are closely monitored throughout their procedures to ensure their safety and comfort.

While many patients report that they often don’t remember their procedures, there are no long-term memory issues or health problems once the procedure is complete and the sedation wears off.

Does sedation dentistry really work?

Yes! Our patients report complete relaxation during their procedures, with most reporting that they don’t remember their procedures at all.

How much does sedation dentistry cost?

The cost for sedation dentistry depends on a variety of factors. If Dr. Koch recommends sedation dentistry for any reason, our experienced office staff will review the cost for the recommended treatments during your initial visit.

Is sedation dentistry covered by insurance?

It’s important to remember that each person’s insurance coverage is different. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will review the payment options and treatment plans during your visit to determine whether or not your insurance will cover the recommended procedures and treatments.

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Request Sedation Dentistry at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry

Whether you have a fear of the dentist or sensitive teeth, sedation dentistry is an incredible alternative for patients who don’t respond well to standard numbing medications. During your smile analysis with Dr. Koch, make sure to ask if sedation dentistry is a recommended alternative for your dental treatments at our cosmetic dental office in Birmingham, Alabama. 


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