Smile Analysis

Create Your Smile Makeover Near Mountain Brook, Alabama

If you have ever wanted to have a beautiful smile but have been putting it off because you are just not sure of what to expect, Dr. Koch can help you make your own informed decisions about what is right for you. Now, with the help of Koch Aesthetic Dentistry’s computerized smile analysis you can get a preview of what you will look like with your new and improved beautiful smile.


Patient Before Aesthetic Dentistry - Birmingham Office


Patient After Smile Makeover - Mountain Brook Area Office

Using Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry Technology To Preview Your Smile

Using computer-aided imaging, based on the shape of your teeth, face, and mouth, Dr. Koch enables you to get a sneak peek at the results that aesthetic dentistry can give your new beautiful smile before you begin treatment; leaving you with little doubt of what to expect. You are able to leave your smile makeover appointment with a picture of what your beautiful smile can be and what you have to look forward to.

Are You In Need of Smile Makeover?

Tanner Henley's Beautiful Smile After Treatment From Dentist In BirminghamHere are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding if a smile makeover is appropriate for you:

  • Have you ever used your hand to cover your smile?
  • Do you try to smile with your mouth closed in photographs because you are embarrassed?
  • Would you like whiter, more vibrant teeth?
  • Do you think you show too much or too little of your teeth when you smile?
  • Do you have any black mercury fillings that show, or concern you that you would like changed?
  • Do you have old crowns or caps that don’t match your natural teeth or you are unhappy with?
  • Would you like to change the way your teeth or gums are shaped?
  • Would you like to straighten your teeth with the Invisalign® (invisible braces) system for that perfect smile?
  • Are you interested in information about halitosis or bad breath?

Experience Aesthetic Dentistry for a Beautiful Smile near Mountain Brook!

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you are a great candidate for a smile makeover by Birmingham dentist – Dr. Koch.  Please visit some of our pages to see what services may help you get that beautiful smile, here are a few we recommend: Teeth Whitening,  Conscious Sedation, Porcelain Veneers and Cosmetic Dentistry.  And when you have questions, please call our office. Our smile makeover facility is near Mountain Brook.