The Importance Of A Mouth Guard For Athletes Near Mountain Brook

The National Youth Sports Foundation Dentist In Birmingham Offers Athletic Mouthguardsestimates that upwards of 5 million teeth will be knocked out amongst youth, high school and collegiate athletes during sporting events this year alone. However, The ADA has reported that 200,000 oral injuries are prevented every year in the US by using a sports mouth guard. Don’t let yourself or your loved one become a statistic. Quality custom mouthguards like PlaySafe® may seem a bit pricey up front, but the difference in quality is worth it. Let’s get the word out to any of our athletic youth in the greater Mountain Brook area to protect their teeth.


Not all Mouthguards are Created Equal

PlaySafe custom mouthguards are laboratory-made and prescribed for both amateur and professional athletes. In any contact sport, injury is always a risk. That does not mean you can’t protect yourself or your loved one. PlaySafe mouthguards don’t just prevent the oral trauma injuries that you would expect a mouth guard should do, they can even help prevent concussions. Research has shown that a simple boil-and-bite mouth guard or stock options don’t provide nearly the same protection as PlaySafe. Don’t risk it! Ask Dr. Koch about PlaySafe mouthguards during your next visit or call today if you have a short time frame.  We proudly offer PlaySafe custom mouthguards for the Mountain Brook area too!

What Makes PlaySafe Mouthguards so Effective?

PlaySafe mouthguards often Birmingham Custom Mouthguardsemploy multiple layers of protective material to help ensure equal protection for every millimeter of tooth surface. They are also created from exact molds that Dr. Koch will take of your teeth to give you an exact fit. A boil-and-bite mouth guard can develop thin spots where there is little to almost no protection for some tooth surfaces and can also slip or move while in use. What does this mean to you? PlaySafe mouthguards better protect you or your loved one. It is worth the short drive from Mountain Brook to get custom mouthguards and prevent the need for cosmetic dentistry work like; a tooth crown, dental implants or porcelain veneers.

PlaySafe Offers Six Levels of Protection

Junior | The junior model mouth guard is specifically designed for youth with mixed dentition.
Light | The light model mouth guard is perfect for sports like volleyball, wrestling and mountain biking.Two layers of laminated EVA (3 mm) material. Designed for wrestling, volleyball, motocross and mountain biking.
Light Pro | The light pro is a versatile option that provides great protection for most sports.
Medium | Provides additional protection for activities like skateboarding, softball and rugby.
Heavy | The heavy model mouth guard uses three separate power dispersion bands for extra strength. Great for football, martial arts and boxing.
Heavy Pro | The heavy pro mouth guard is specially designed to handle whatever abuse you put it (or yourself) through. This is the model for the hockey players, kickboxers or any other sport where substantial blows may be encountered.

Call and schedule a visit today or just call us to learn more about PlaySafe mouthguards!