Is This a Spa or a Dentist’s Office?

Is This a Spa or a Dentist’s Office?

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From the moment a patient enters the reception area, it’s clear that the experience at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry is different from your average trip to the dentist and is nothing to be feared. “Industry-wide it is a very common thing for patients to have dental anxiety, so dental stress is one thing we work to combat,” says Rebekah Hunter, marketing assistant at Koch Aesthetics. “Also, I think Dr. Koch’s personality is very comforting. So accommodating patients with anxiety is something that evolved very naturally for him. He has understood keenly that he can specialize in that, and that he can create an environment and a team that takes that stress away.”


From the tranquil spa music playing softly in the background to the complimentary coffee, comfortable seating and warm smile you’re greeted with when you enter the office, Dr. Koch and his team have paid thoughtful attention to the whole experience for every patient.


Tracy Simmons has been a patient of Dr. Koch’s for three years, and she says that the care she receives from the moment she walks in the door of the office is a step above. “Dr. Koch is so advanced in his knowledge and is great at explaining everything to you,” Tracy says. “And his staff is highly trained as well. They are educated and very informative, and it just makes you feel confident.”


Dr. Paul Koch makes visiting the dentist feel like a walk in the park — or, more appropriately, a trip to the spa. Since establishing his practice in Birmingham more than 10 years ago, Dr. Koch and his staff at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry, commonly known as The Dental Spa, have worked tirelessly to make sure each patient feels special, pampered and incredibly well-cared-for at each visit. “I love to help someone change the path they’re on, as it pertains to their overall health, by impacting the health of their mouth — since the mouth is the gateway into the body,” says Dr. Koch. “When we are able to help someone achieve a healthy state, we are truly enhancing their overall quality of life.”


By purposefully scheduling fewer patients than an average dentist would in a day, Dr. Koch is able to take his time with each patient and make sure they’re comfortable and well-educated about their dental health. “That’s why our patients appreciate us so much,” says Rebekah. “We know everybody by name, and every team member really forges a bond with each and every one of our patients.”

“Even the decor at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry feels comfortable, like an inviting home. Dental anxiety or dental phobia affects an estimated 30 to 40 million Americans, according to Colgate.”

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This individual attention is also key in Dr. Koch’s approach to minimizing dental anxiety for his patients. “We have never had a tooth walk into our practice — only people,” says Dr. Koch. “We like to get to really know each guest so that we can understand where they are coming from, what is most important to them and what they are afraid of. I find that very few people have had the opportunity to share these things with a dental team, and when they feel like they are heard, that really lowers anxiety. We then tailor their treatment to what they want, and do everything we can to avoid their triggers.”


This special treatment extends far beyond the tranquil and inviting reception space. “The office has a very spa-like feel,” says Tracy. “So you do feel very relaxed.” Once your appointment begins, nearly every one of your senses is appealed to in order to encourage you to kick back and relax. Noise-cancelling headphones and glasses or eye masks block out the sounds and sights that could cause you stress during your appointment. Blankets and complimentary paraffin wax hand treatments help you get comfortable and cozy in the dental chair. Dr. Koch has even taken extra precautions to make sure that the signature clinical smell of a dental office is not present at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry.


With fears assuaged and dental anxiety out of the way, Dr. Koch and his team are able to make a huge impact on their patients’ lives. “It sounds so cliché that we can change someone’s life with their smile, but we truly see it every day,” says Rebekah. The abundant enthusiasm and passion for helping others at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry are what keeps Dr. Koch inspired. “My team is just as excited about helping people as I am, and they understand that it is always our number one priority to do everything within our power to make sure that each guest has the very best experience every time they encounter us,” says Dr. Koch. “We have this great energy together, and we can be a blessing to our guests and to each other every day.”


If you’ve been putting off a trip to the dentist because you’re anxious or afraid, be empowered! By partnering with a team of dental professionals who has your comfort and best interest truly at heart, you can walk away from your visit feeling refreshed and relaxed. “It is very common for our patients who have a lot of dental anxiety — by appointment two or definitely by appointment three — they do not feel that anxiety anymore,” says Rebekah. “It’s just a matter of comfort, really. They really trust the team and they certainly trust Dr. Koch.”


Koch Aesthetic Dentistry is located in the Sirote & Permutt Building in Southside at 2311 Highland Ave #323, Birmingham, AL 35205. Hours are Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For more information or to book a consultation or appointment, call (205) 933-0323 or (205) 208-7431 or visit

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