Dr. Paul Koch: Professional, Leader, Family Man

Dr. Paul Koch: Professional, Leader, Family Man


I was overwhelmed by the grace and poise of Dr. Paul Koch. As we sat down to chat in his office filled with different sized picture frames that displayed his many accomplishments, I was taken aback by his ability to connect with me on a personal level. One of the first things I noticed was the bright blue “Living In Freedom Everyday” bracelet that was hanging off of his wrist. I was immediately anxious to learn what Church of the Highlands campus he attended and about his Life Group experience. Turns out, he and his family attend the Grandview Campus of Church of the Highlands and also serves on the Dream Team!


In my conversation with Koch, I noticed that many aspects of his life aren’t what you would expect. He is a real person who has taken a stand in the face of adversity and has overcome many trials. Dr. Koch is passionate about helping people change their lives and has overcome many challenges to carry out his calling as an aesthetic dentist.


As our conversation deepened, I learned that when he was a child, he had a sister who was born with cystic fibrosis. “She didn’t have time to be negative because she had to get every bit of living out of every single day because she didn’t know how many days she was going to have.” What an incredible perspective. Dr. Koch says that the way he spends his spare time now was molded by the way he grew up. A good friend once told him, “You were being prepared then for the life that you have now.” In helping his sister fight her battle with cystic fibrosis, he learned a lot of things that would help shape how he cares for his wife who has a chronic illness and his daughter who has diabetes. A lot of Dr. Koch’s time is spent managing those things but more importantly, it’s spent making the time to spend time with his family.

“People Spend A Lot Of Time, Money, Effort And Planning To Go Somewhere Exotic To Spend Time Together As A Family. We Have The Opportunity To Do It All The Time And If You Don’t Do It Intentionally, It’s Not Going To Get Done.”

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“People spend a lot of time, money, effort and planning to go somewhere exotic to spend time together as a family. We have the opportunity to do it all the time and if you don’t do it intentionally, it’s not going to get done.”


I sat in awe and was so inspired by his pursuit for a better day and that he always sees the victory in every situation. He is a hardworking family man who fervently loves his family and goes to great lengths to improve their livelihood each and every day. He explained to me that by being given the opportunity to pray and to work toward healing not only effects you and your family but it also has the ability to effect a lot of other people.


He leads his family in such a way that keeps them motivated and focused on creating the best atmosphere, the best home life, and the best support network they possibly can. “It takes somebody who hasn’t always had a “normal” family or the best health to point out that there is a different perspective, so cherish the time you have.”


Needless to say, I left wanting to get an appointment on the books as soon as possible and look forward to witnessing the many ways Dr. Koch will enrich the lives of the people of Birmingham!


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