The Gift Of Oral Health In Birmingham

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Many implant dentistry patients in the Birmingham area may wonder why, with all the advances in dental medicine, we still send you home with a complimentary toothbrush and roll of floss. It’s true, they do seem a little old-fashioned in our high-tech world, but don’t let their simple design fool you. These tools are the […]

Toothbrush Wars in Birmingham

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It may surprise you to know that some Birmingham people have very strong opinions about which type of toothbrush is the best: manual or electric. Is there really one that is clearly better? Most Birmingham cosmetic dentists will tell you that all toothbrushes, when used correctly, are effective in removing plaque and that choosing which […]

Bright Smiles In Alabama

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Bright Smiles In Homewood

Hello Alabama! Do you want brighter, whiter teeth? Most folks notice their teeth dulling as the years go by, but some foods, drinks, and even mouthwashes can stain teeth at any age. OTC tooth whitening products like kits, strips, or toothpastes may slightly lighten stains, but for a truly brilliant smile Dr. J. Paul Koch […]

Is a Perfect Smile Possible In Birmingham?

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Are you considering a smile makeover in the Birmingham area? Are you skeptical of promises of a ‘perfect smile’, a ‘celebrity smile’ or ‘a dazzling, youthful smile’? Let’s talk about the most popular Birmingham cosmetic dental procedures and the results that can be expected. Composite Veneers The application of porcelain veneers at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry […]

Love Your Smile In Birmingham

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Love Your Smile in Birmingham

There is nothing like bright white teeth that light up a person’s whole face when they smile and laugh. No one has to settle for dull, yellow teeth. This is a great time for Birmingham men, women and teens to have tooth whitening done at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham. With teeth bleaching, your teeth […]

What Is Laser Dentistry?

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Affordable Mountain Brook Tooth Whitening

Lasers are now used in some technologically-advanced Birmingham dental practices on both hard (tooth) and soft (gum) tissue. How does laser dentistry benefit our Birmingham dental patients?

Do Whitestrips Work?

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Do Whitestrips Work in Birmingham?

If you are serious about dramatically whitening your teeth, the safest, quickest, and most affordable system is at your Birmingham cosmetic dentistry office. We have many safe teeth whitening options including Zoom whitening.