How Do Crooked Teeth Affect Children And Adults?

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Many Birmingham children and adults have chosen orthodontia to straighten crooked teeth.

5 ways crooked teeth can impact a child

When children have crooked teeth it can cause:

  1. Impaired speech development
  2. Difficulty eating a healthy diet
  3. Digestive problems
  4. Difficulty keeping teeth clean
  5. Lower self-esteem

8 ways crooked teeth can affect an adult

Adults with crooked teeth may experience the following:

  1. Lack of confidence in professional situations
  2. Lack of confidence in personal relationships
  3. Gum recession
  4. Difficulty chewing
  5. Difficulty keeping teeth clean
  6. Jaw strain
  7. Excessive wear on tooth enamel
  8. Headaches

Fortunately, there are orthodontic options for children and adults.

What type of braces are available?

  1. Self-ligating
  2. Invisalign
  3. In-Ovation–Mini-metal and Clear

We will help you choose the best kind for you.

How do braces work?

Braces exert force on the teeth to slowly move them. As they move, new bone develops to anchor your teeth in their new, correct locations.

Self-ligating braces

Traditional braces have brackets and an archwire. The brackets are mounted to the teeth. The archwire is attached to the brackets. The archwire is shaped for your bite. With self-ligating braces, the archwire is connected to the brackets with a spring clip. This replaces the plastic color band necessary with old-school metal braces.


Invisalign uses clear aligners instead of metal or ceramic brackets. With Invisalign treatment, you switch aligners every couple of weeks as your teeth shift into place.

Dr. Koch will create a customized treatment plan for your smile and lifestyle. Modern braces align teeth faster and with minimal soreness.

If you would like to discuss teeth-straightening options, I invite you to schedule an orthodontic dental consultation by calling 205-933-0323.


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