Take 5: Straight Talk About Braces

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Having braces in Birmingham uncovers unique concerns. Hello, I’m Dr. J. Paul Koch at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa. I support healthy oral hygiene and regular, consistent check-ups. Hygiene for invisible braces is a bit different. Here are five vital concerns to keep in mind with braces: 1. Be Careful What You Eat […]

Crooked Teeth in Birmingham?

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Now is a great time to have crooked teeth! Why? They can easily be straightened. There are few technological wonders of our era that are more appreciated than modern braces. Teeth straightening hardware of past generations in Birmingham had many drawbacks. They often involved a whole orthodontic tool kit–full metal bands, headgear, elastics, spacers, and […]

Straighten Teeth Fast in Birmingham

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The first things most adult Mountain Brook teeth-straightening clients ask about are the newer systems, sometimes called clear braces and adults braces. Invisalign and damon braces are two brand names of alternative orthodontic systems popular in Vestavia Hills, Crestline and Homewood. Many of our adult orthodontic patients have been embarrassed by their crooked teeth for many years and have developed a habit of covering their mouth when they smile. It is great to see them smiling confidently after they have completed treatment.