Soda Spells Trouble For Beautiful Smiles in Birmingham

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Soft drinks, soda, pop. No matter what you call it, it seems to currently be the dietary villain of choice. With its high sugar content, it’s a threat to any beautiful smile in Birmingham.

But it’s more than just the sugar. The phosphoric acid in soft drinks is equally bad for your teeth.

The main reason sugar is harmful to your teeth is that it softens enamel and makes the teeth more prone to decay. This is especially serious when it comes to children, because their enamel is not fully developed.

Some people think that they can get around this by drinking diet soda. If only it were that simple! Unfortunately, the acids found in diet soda have basically the same detrimental softening effect on enamel.

Our solution is simple: stop drinking soda, or cut way back on your soda consumption. Also, keep your kids away from it as much as possible so that their teeth have the chance to mature healthily.

Can’t seem to kick the habit? Try drinking water shortly after you have soda to rinse out your mouth. Try to brush more often, too –  but wait half an hour so you aren’t brushing while the enamel is soft.

Soft drinks also stain the teeth. So does a lot of other stuff we eat and drink. If stained teeth are an issue, please give us a call to schedule a teeth whitening consultation.

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