Retaining Brightness After Teeth Whitening Treatment

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Professional teeth whitening from Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham delivers incredible results. Your new dazzling smile will amaze you!

Of course, you want your new smile to last as long as possible. But the same things that stained your teeth in the first placer can stain them again. With that in mind, we have some  tips to make your sensational new smile last.

  • Use an anti-cavity rinse every day. This improves dental hygiene, cuts down on bacteria, slows the build up of plaque, and also helps whiten your teeth.
  • Avoid coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine, and smoking. If you cannot completely cut these out of your life, rinse your mouth out afterward.
  • Avoid acidic foods and beverages. These can weaken or wear away the enamel on your teeth, and worn-away enamel allows the yellow dentin to show through.
  • Artificial coloring in any foods and condiments can stain your newly whitened teeth. Candy, popsicles, and fruit punch are examples.
  • Brushing your teeth thoroughly a couple times a day will help you keep your white smile. You may choose a toothpaste with extra whitening or baking soda to help the process. Proper brushing should take you at least two minutes.

At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham, we offer KöR  and Zoom! teeth whitening. We can also perform a smile analysis and take your smile to the next level! Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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