How Long Will A Dental Crown Last?

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Dental crowns are used in many restorative treatments, at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry in Birmingham. A crown adds strength to a tooth that has a large filling or has been injured, can correct bite misalignments, and is usually necessary after a root canal. In a dental implant, attaching one to the abutment is the final step.

Crowns are also used for purely cosmetic problems: yellow teeth, stained teeth, too-small teeth, and teeth that are misshapen.

Dental crowns are fabricated from a variety of materials that vary in appearance and strength:

  1. All ceramic (porcelain-based)
  2. Porcelain fused to metal
  3. Gold alloys
  4. Base metal alloys

We can help you determine which type is right for you.

How Long Do Dental Crowns Last?

Dental crowns can last for many years, but are not designed to last indefinitely. Even with proper care, you should not expect crowns to be trouble-free for decades.

There is encouraging evidence, however, that points to a high success rate: a study found that more than 90% of dental crowns will not require treatment within five years of placement. Fifty to eighty percent last for as long as twenty years.

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