At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa, We Love Our Orthodontic Assistants!

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At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa, each dental professional on our team helps us operate smoothly and provide a high standard of care. Today’s post will focus on the duties of a dental assistant.

You probably think of the dental assistant as: “The one who attaches the bib around my neck,” and you are right. However, their knowledge of patient care and dental lab procedures is probably more extensive than you might realize.

Competent dental assistants work behind the scenes at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa. They assist Dr. J. Paul Koch during exams and treatment.

When a patient arrives for their appointment, the orthodontic dental assistant has already been preparing for the specific procedure. Before they are escorted to a chair in one of our pleasant patient rooms, the assistant has made sure the room is ready.

Orthodontist assistants work with patients who are getting their braces put on, or already wearing braces and retainers. Orthodontist assistants help dental professionals install and check devices that straighten teeth and correct other oral problems.

At Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa, infection control is always a fundamental duty. Our dental assistants are vigilant about the sterilization of dental instruments and follow strict infection control protocols. The health of our patients and employees is our highest priority.

Orthodontic assistants must have a sharp eye for detail and a first-rate memory as they organize and stock the many different dental supplies in a typical orthodontic office.

We appreciate the friendly, competent, and dedicated orthodontic assistants at Koch Aesthetic Dentistry – The Dental Spa!


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